Munchables Hacker Returns $62.8 Million in Ether Without Ransom

Publish on 27 March 2024

On March 26, the Munchables NFT game experienced a hack that resulted in the theft of over 17,400 ETH, equivalent to approximately $62.8 million at the time. The exploit was initially believed to be the work of a North Korean developer hired by the Munchables team.

Source: Munchables

However, it was later revealed that the hacker was actually one of Munchables' own developers. Following negotiations, the developer agreed to return the stolen funds without demanding a ransom. The hacker provided all the private keys necessary to recover the funds, including those containing the stolen ETH and WETH.

Pacman, the creator of the Blast blockchain on which Munchables is built, expressed gratitude to ZachXBT for his assistance and confirmed that the ex-Munchables developer returned all funds without requiring payment.

Source: Pacman

Now that the stolen funds have been recovered, efforts are underway to redistribute them to the victims of the hack. Users are advised to only follow communications from official sources to avoid falling victim to refund scams.

This incident occurred shortly after a separate hack involving decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator ParaSwap, where approximately $24,000 was stolen from four different addresses. With the help of white hat hackers, ParaSwap managed to recover the funds and began the process of refunding affected users.

Source: ParaSwap

However, some addresses affected by the vulnerability have yet to revoke permissions for the flawed smart contract involved in the exploit.

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