Start Date
Nov 21, 2022
End Date
Nov 22, 2022
Industry Gaming & VR
Type Platform
Founded 2024
About G4AL

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Game Development

The G4AL Platform is the easiest and fastest approach for developers who want to experiment with Web3, enabling the addition of blockchain features to their games in a few minutes without any Web3 knowledge.


G4AL is a Blockchain gaming platform created by a team of seasoned and experienced video game industry professionals. G4AL platform solves the specific Blockchain needs of gamers and game developers.

This is achieved by removing most of the unnecessary overhead of a decentralised blockchain and making the blockchain more accessible and secure by making it permissioned. This is possible in the specific sector of games as gamers implicitly trust the game developers when they start playing a game as developers can go to the extreme of banning access to certain accounts or manipulating contracts.

Other companies such as Mythical Games are tackling the problem from the same angle, making a private permissioned chain but G4AL provides what we call a hybrid approach, where while the blockchain is permissioned and private, the resulting blockchain blocks are made public, and secured with PoW and signature.

Thanks to this new approach, G4AL Platform is the easiest and fastest chain to develop for if you are a game developer, making it possible to create blockchain games in a few hours without any Web3 knowledge. The G4AL Chain has its own token, called Game Gold Token ($GGT), which is used for Marketplace transactions, governance and.

Token Information

Ticker: GGT

Type: Utility-token

Token standard: ERC-20

Token price in EUR: 1 GGT = 0.0125 EUR

Token distribution: Private Sale - 15%, Pre-Sale - 1.25%, In-Game - 10%, Team - 15%, Advisors - 2%, Developers - 5%, Marketing - 6.5%, Liquidity - 10%, Reserve - 10%, Treasury - 10.25%, Foundation - 15%

Pre-sales: Nov 21, 2022 - Nov 22, 2022

IDO (Seedify Launchpad): TBA - TBA

Raised: 1,200,000 EUR

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum