These Pre-ICOs give tokens at a much lower price with a bonus.With the help of our list, you will be able to track or buy crypto tokens or coins even before the commencement of an official crowd sale.
Name Interest Lvl Description Start End Where to Buy

Nibiru is a sovereign proof-of-stake blockchain, open-source platform, and member of a family of interconnected blockchains that comprise the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Seed Round: Jan 29, 2024

Feb 01, 2024


zkLink is a trading-focused multi-chain L2 network with unified liquidity secured by ZK-Rollups. zkLink ecosystem connects various L1 chains and L2 networks that enables developers and traders to l...

Jan 22, 2024

Jan 25, 2024


Subsquid is a decentralized data lake protocol that serves as the core of Web3’s new tech stack. This is the fastest, easiest, and by far the cheapest way for developers to build powerful consumer-...

Jan 15, 2024

Jan 18, 2024

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OORT | Decentralized Data Cloud (OORT): OORT is a decentralized data cloud platform designed to maximize privacy and cost savings by integrating global compute and storage resources.

Jan 14, 2024

Jan 15, 2024

Gate Launchpad

bitsCrunch is a forensic and AI-powered NFT analytics that fight wash trading, fraud and give accurate value for digital assets. We are the Ecosystem Guardians of the NFT space.

Funding Ro...

Dec 14, 2023

Dec 15, 2023


Animalia is an independent free-to-play online NFT trading card game featuring crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones.

IMPORTANT: Your parti...

Jan 24, 2024

Jan 25, 2024


A video protocol bringing live programming, Video NFTs and distribution of content on chain.

IMPORTANT: Your participation in this investment signifies...

Dec 11, 2023

Dec 15, 2023


MAR3 AI is a cutting-edge technology platform that provides a wide range of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools to support Web3 Marketing.


Jan 09, 2024

Jan 10, 2024

BSCS Launchpad

At stabble, our mission is to build a fully comprehensive DeFi ecosystem that enables a frictionless experience for traders and liquidity providers powered by a new generation of liquidity.


Nov 01, 2023

Feb 10, 2024

Stabble Website
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Sui is the first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater to the next billion users in Web3.

May 01, 2023

May 02, 2023

Binance Launchpool