Huobi × Sylo

Airdrop Reward

1000000 SYLO

Number of Winners


End Date

Sep 29, 2022

Distribution Date

Sep 30, 2022

About Huobi × Sylo

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Sylo is an international software development house founded in 2010. Committed to decentralization, they are the core developers of the Sylo Network, Sylo Protocol, and Sylo Smart Wallet.

Step by Step

  1. Create an account on Huobi Global and complete your KYC.
  2. Join Huobi and Sylo Telegram groups.
  3. Follow Huobi and Sylo Twitter accounts.
  4. Quote this tweet by tagging 2 friends @sylo and @HuobiGlobal. 
  5. Answer all quiz questions correctly.
  6. Submit your details to airdrop page.

    Quiz Answers:
    Q1 : A metaverse communication infrastructure
    Q2 : A Seeker Robot
    Q3 : Ethereum
    Q4 : March 2022
    Q5 : FlufWorld


Huobi × Sylo sharing 1,000,000 SYLO (~$2900) to all participants.

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